I’ve been nannying for the same family for almost a year.  It’s been a joy working with this kid–watching him grow, teaching him new things, seeing him develop his own personality.  But it’s also been trying.  I’ve grown, learned new things, and developed a pseudo-alternate personality, too.  That last one has been a challenge.  And it’s been challenging because I’ve had to realize that not everyone does things just like I do.  Not everyone has the same idea of how a kid should be raised.  I’ve learned, however, that I am pretty good at compromising.  Yes, when it comes to raising kids, there are certain things that don’t need to be compromised…but that’s another post entirely.


This fall, Owen started school.  It cut my hours back drastically; however, I’m good at cooking and cleaning so I offered to do those things on the days when I don’t have to pick Owen up from school until noon.  I’m loving this because my inner nerd really gets to shine!


How, you ask?  By developing a cleaning schedule and by writing out meal plans!  I’m very much a hands-on person and love writing things out and color coordinating them…  I still have my pencil box from my school days packed full of multi-colored pens and highlighters!  It’s been very exciting to break that back out and use it for planning my mornings sans-toddler.


It almost makes me feel like I could handle being a stay at home mom some day…  But I’d have to find someone I’d want to date, who would make me want to get married and would make me want to adopt children with them…  But that’s a whole lot of work.  And, recent history has shown that right now just isn’t the right time.  I’m confident God has a plan, but I’m perfectly satisfied with enriching the lives of children while also being able to give them back to their parents at the end of the day.


Back to the Nanny+Maid+Chef situation… aka The Reason For This Blog!


As soon as I was introduced to Pinterest, I fell deeper in love with different ways to organize stuff.  I loved organization as a kid and felt like everything had a proper place.  I would spend hours upon hours pulling out every book in my little yellow bookcase, reading each and every page, making neat little stacks, then deciding which style of organization worked best that day…alphabetized (title, author’s first name, or last name?) or by the size of the book (width, height?).  It was seriously one of my favorite activities.  I would do the same thing to our VHS tapes (remember those?), minus watching them first because, let’s face it, when you have an itch to organize you don’t have time to watch every single movie!!  Though, I would take each tape out, make sure they were rewound to the beginning and would then slide the VHS tape back into the sleeve making sure the label was facing the same way as the front of the sleeve…


But I digress…


I’ve been able to apply some of the tools for organization I’ve discovered on Pinterest in my own personal life, but I’ve found it easier to implement new methods in homes that don’t presently have a lot of organization.  For example, for a friend’s birthday, I completely re-did her kitchen.  I went nuts at the Container Store.  It was awesome!  I topped it off by putting sticky notes numbered 1-5 on the doors and drawers that had changes behind them she could visually see the flow of the changes I had made.


And this is exactly the kind of stuff I’ve been wanting to do at Owen’s, but his parents gave me strict instructions not to worry about anything else in the house while I was keeping him.  Of course, I would start twitching knowing that there was laundry that needed to be folded while Owen was napping and I was obediently sitting on the couch.  I started trying to distract myself by reading or watching tv, but the only stuff I ever watch on tv is HGTV or DIY Network and it just gave me more and more ideas and I would start twitching some more and eventually just couldn’t stop myself.


They were weirded out the first couple times I folded their underwear.  I think they just stuff them in a bin in their bedroom, but I’m not sure because that’s one space that I’ve decided is off limits to me and the kiddo while I’m here.  That is, unless I’m bringing up dirty laundry or putting clean laundry on the ottoman at the foot of their bed.


So, now, I go in at 8am and either start cleaning, work on a meal plan, work on an organization plan, put food in the slow cooker, but once 11:30am rolls around I put everything on pause, pick Owen up from school by 12noon, bring him back home for nap and pick right back up where I left off for the next 2.5-3 hours!  The best part is, it’s almost all planned out!  I say almost because it changes based on the needs of the family that day and because it’s all still so new to all involved, but yay for having a plan!!


So, here I will be sharing different life organization tips and, quite likely, general monologues about being a Nanny in Nashville…like that time Owen & I were at the park after story time at the library and a kid randomly bit him on the face….