Okay!  So, I’m really excited to announce that the 5th meal is presently in the crockpot and we’ve not repeated any of them yet.

I’m going to admit, we’d probably be through more of them now if I would have remembered to put them on in the mornings.  I’ve not been holding up my end of the cooking bargain; however, their house is looking much better!

My favorite part is that they’ve loved them all!  I asked Mom what she thought of them and she literally said “It has all been great.  The steak and chicken ones have been my faves.”  That’s all of them except the Scalloped Potatoes & Ham…and I messed up on that one pretty good…lol  Maybe the other bag of it won’t be so bad…  I’ll let you know.  😉

The reason we’re all here: I wanted to go ahead and publish my second PDF.  I haven’t tried it with the family yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll write and let you know how it went!

Crockpot Freezer Meals 002

What’s on the Menu:

Fresh Spaghetti Sauce
Black Bean Chili
Italian Sausage with Pepper & Onions
Chicken Fajitas
Brunswick Stew

The plan as it’s written only makes 1 bag of each meal.  To make 10 like in my last post, simply double all ingredients.  I don’t think I will, just so I can get through this set and move on to the next.