The Meaning of Your Name & How It Does or Doesn’t Fit You

My name is Samantha and I’ve never looked up the meaning of my name before, but apparently it means “listener”…according to every site I’ve found. Except for the urban dictionary. That one was interesting, but I don’t think that’s what The Single Woman, Mandy Hale was going for when she gave us this assignment.

I think it fits me pretty well. I will give anyone and everyone the opportunity to tell me their story, their problems, their testimony, etc. I allow people to talk my ear off. I also try to give sound advice. Sometimes even when it isn’t needed or wanted.

That’s something I am trying to get better at; recognizing when it’s appropriate to give advice.

But I also like to be listened to. It means the world to mean when someone will look into my eyes and actually hear what I’m saying. When others listen to me, I try to learn from how they respond. If I like it, I try to imitate that response when I listen to others. If I don’t like it, I try to avoid repeating whatever it was they did or said.

I was texting a friend the other day and she kept giving me compliment after compliment… I simply explained that I try to live by the Golden Rule; do unto others. It isn’t always easy, but I know that by doing a small part i am influencing and changing the world.

I’ve noticed that, in a dating capacity, I get bored listening to guys go on and on about themselves. This was mentioned in a different website that went a bit further into the meaning of my name.

Your name of Samantha has made you versatile and creative.

Yep, I can agree. Versatile in that I try to master any job I get my hands on. Creative in artistic ways; crafts, dancing.

There is hardly anything you cannot do if you put your mind to it, but a driving urge leads you to one experience after another, seldom finishing what you start.

I don’t know about the “driving urge” but I do quit on projects. Something I really don’t like about myself & have been trying to improve upon.

You cannot find peace of mind or lasting contentment in anything you do.

I’m not sure I agree with this one.

As soon as a challenge is met, boredom sets in, and you yearn for another experience.

Not sure about this one, either.

This restlessness makes it difficult for you to assume responsibility and to establish stable, progressive conditions in your life.

This is interesting because though I have been feeling as though I’ve been treading water my whole life, I finally feel like I’m planting my feet. Time will tell, I suppose.

You could do well in sales work or in meeting the public where quickness of mind and expression are all important.

Nope. Can’t stand sales. But I do love working with people.

You have many friends, but lose interest in people very quickly.

This one has become true recently. I readily turn my phone off, ignore text messages and phone calls. I’ve even deleted the Facebook app off my phone.

Your intense mental activity spoils system and concentration, and plays havoc with relaxation and sleep.

I can agree with the first half of that but I am the QUEEN of sleep…especially stress sleeping. I can relax and turn my brain off really easily.

Out of your quick thinking has been borne hasty speech.


Acting on impulse instead of with forethought has led to many disappointments and bitter experiences.


Your whole nervous system could be affected by the intense emotional influence of this name.

I guess that’s been proven true most recently with all that’s been going on with my mom’s health. (I know, I know, I haven’t posted about it yet… I’ll get there.)

I found that stuff here.

So, that was interesting. It definitely gave me lots to think about. I don’t know that I agree with specific characteristics following names, but it was interesting to ponder.