The last person I texted is one of my absolute best friends.  It’s really quite remarkable how quickly we became super close.  She’s definitely changed my life and I’m super blessed by her presence.  She possesses this light of Christ that is absolutely undeniable.  She is a Champion and an Overcomer.  One day, she will bless millions of people with her testimony and I plan to be right there in the front row!

This wonderful woman of God is Jen Niederwerfer.

We met through a life group at church that played Balderdash every other weekend.  She was looking for someone to go zip lining with her in place of her husband because he had to work, and though I was slated to move that morning I agreed.  I was super excited for the experience!!  She had zip lined once or twice before but only into a lake at Young Life camp and I had never done it before, EVER!!  

The move took a little longer than anticipated, but I zipped right over to her house as soon as we finished and we were off to Kingston Springs, TN!  Neither Jen nor myself have ever met a stranger and got to know pretty much everyone in our little group.  The biggest thing that stood out to me was our difference in height.  I’m barely 5’1″ and Jen is 5’11”!  I remember having to hold on to my helmet to be able to look her in the eye while talking to her.  lol  =)

ImageBefore zip lining!!!

We got to know each other really well over the course of the afternoon and into the evening.  We zipped for hours through the course and then had the opportunity to do the Scream Swing or Quantum Leap.  Jen did the Swing and I chose the Leap.  We had such fun cheering each other on!!  Afterwards, we went down to the camp fire with our group and ate dinner and roasted marshmallows.  Those marshmallows were DELICIOUS!!  They were in all different flavors, shapes and colors!  Seriously, the best marshmallows of our lives!  lol



The Quantum Leap!!!

We literally talked about everything and bonded super fast.  She was facing partial knee replacement surgery and I was in a relationship that, little did I know, would end up in ruins and she would be the one to help me pick up the pieces and put them all back together.  I truly believe that God brought us together in His perfect timing so we could be rocks for each other through difficult times.  

Soon after Jen had the knee surgery, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  From her double mastectomy, learning that she was going to lose her hair, attending half of her chemo treatments, and countless visits in the hospital for a multitude of reasons, I was right there by her side.  Crying with her.  Laughing with her.  And growing with her.

We were hair twins before her chemo started!

After our first Susan G Comen Race together (2012).

She has impacted my life in a way that is truly difficult to put into words.

And now that my mom’s breast cancer has come back with a vengeance, she’s the first person I turn to.  Though one would think that all she’s been through has made her weak, it’s actually made her an incredible source of joy, hope and faith that has inspired everyone she’s met.  I’m proud to call her my best friend and I am beyond grateful that she’s such a huge part of my life.