So, I haven’t been inspired to write much and sort of got stuck and gave up on The Single Woman’s 30 Day blog challenge, but I just had to post about this…

I began investing in doTERRA oils and decided to build a business out of it a couple months ago. It’s been a tremendous blessing and have even gotten my mom to use them to help fight her cancer. But, the last two days a special calming blend called Serenity has really been my saving grace.

Yesterday I was nannying for two wee ones… A 2.5 year old boy who we will call O and an 8 month old girl who we will call E. I believe that O is autistic or something close. He doesn’t do well with his baby sister who is now crawling and getting into all of his toys. He would melt down every time she touched something that was his. So, after talking to Dad about it, I put the oils on myself and we put a few drops in his vapor diffuser thing. It was gorgeous and, had he not shown me how to use it, I would have sworn it was just decor. We turned on the diffuser and shut the door, containing the aroma in O’s bedroom.

Soon, just from having the oils on my neck & clothes, O started to calm down. When it was time for nap, he went to sleep within 10 minutes and slept hard for 3.5 hours! His dad was shocked saying he never sleeps more than 45 minutes!

Little E ended up taking 2 long naps with oils on her sleep sack and on her mattress sheet. She was much less fussy for the rest of the day, too.

Today, I’m with a little girl who is 22 months old that we can call YaYa. The first day I had her was post nap and though she got fussy through the day, Mom didn’t want to enforce a nap. Today, however, I’m with both her & Mom 9-5. Mom took her upstairs to try to get her to nap around noon but didn’t have any luck. YaYa is at the age where she is wanting to fight nap more and more, but still obviously needs the rest.

Mom and YaYa came down after a failed attempt to nap and I mentioned the essential oils. Mom laughed and said she didn’t think the oils would work but that I was welcomed to try. So, the not-yet-2 year old and I sat down and played with my oils. I had her smell all of them, but kept coming back to Serenity. She kept saying “yike it!” each time she smelled Serenity. So, with Mom’s permission, I put a few drops on my neck, her neck, her shirt, & in her hands. I taught her how to cup her hands around her nose & smell the aroma that way. She started getting very peaceful and snugly so I took her upstairs to her room while Mom ran to the market. After reading quietly for a little while, trying to get her to lay down in her crib, she kept fighting. Finally I flipped her over onto her tummy so her head was nuzzled in my neck where I had applied Serenity, & she was fast asleep in 10 minutes!! She slept for nearly an hour, too!!

To learn more about doTERRA and what the products can do for you, click here.

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Here’s YaYa fast asleep!! Check out that messy hair!! lol 🙂