Sometimes the smallest things break my heart the hardest.

There’s a 6 year old boy who has 4 months left to live.

Someone from Kentucky is driving through Nashville in a grey pick up with obscene stickers all over it, the worst of which being “Shifting Gears and Passing Queers” emblazoned across the tailgate.

And I just overheard a black woman lecturing her son about “fucking with white bitches” while walking past my parked car. Apparently her son had been talking to a white girl. He was adamant they hadn’t slept together and that they were just friends (which mean he’s probably in love with her and has or is wanting to hook up with her)… And she came up with several reasons why he shouldn’t “disrespect” her by associating with a “white bitch”.

There’s so much wrong with this world.
And it makes me sad.
So so sad.

If I could wipe it all away, I would.

I absolutely would. In a heartbeat.

Instead, I’ll just shed some tears and pray. Hard.