it just keeps coming. 

And it’s going to. 

And that sucks, but it’s the reality of cancer. 

Mom’s cancer has grown. 

Spots we haven’t heard mention of since the very beginning are now causes for concern. Specifically, a spot in her liver. There’s also fluid build up around her right kidney. 

The fluid that was around her heart and lungs a couple years ago was cancerous. I wonder if this is, too. 

It most likely is according to the tech’s reaction to her bone scan Friday. Her exact words were “Did they mention anything about your kidney or liver? Because you’re glowing extra special there.” 

Oh, but let me rewind a bit. 

Since Mom has stopped chemo, the neuropathy has dissapated dramatically in her fingers and toes. They don’t want to put her fragile body through the same harsh IV chemo again, so the only option remaining for her is a clinical trial through the Sarah Canon Cancer Center. 

And, as luck would have it, there’s only one trial available for the kind of cancer she has. 

This trial involves a lot of extra tests which is why we had the bone scan done. 

I’m worried the tumors in her brain are back. She’s been comaining of headaches. She never gets headaches. 

I know this is all only going to get worse before it gets better but I don’t want to see her suffer. 

She told me that she wants to do the trial because she wants to be with us for a few more years. She wants to watch us grow some more, she said. 

Poor thing. Every day is a struggle for her. And, in turn, every day is a struggle for me. 

Superwoman herself receiving her nuclear medicine for the scans.