Mom wanted us to take a trip to “someplace beautiful and warm” together to scatter her ashes.

Anyone who knows me and my sisters knows that asking us to spend time alone together is like asking a teenager to give you his Xbox.  It won’t happen without a fight.

After Mom passed, we planned our first trip for the weekend of June 10th and decided to go to Key West.

I had decided a long time ago that I wanted to take Momma to every place listed in her favorite song “Kokomo” before she died.  She got too sick too fast for me to make this dream a reality, so I’ve let my sisters in on my plan and they want to participate.

Being the ultra-planner that I am, I started Googling and Pinteresting this morning and found some stuff that’s worth sharing.

First of all….this blog.  I’m so glad I found it….  Like, beyond thankful.  Hollywood makes spreading ashes look so easy when it’s done in movies, but, in reality, they stick to your hands, can get in your eyes and get stuck in lip gloss… apparently.

Here’s a link to everything I’ve Pinned so far.  I need to take a break before I get all emotional at my desk.

Talk soon.  😉